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Creative Physics® 5.0 2014 Edition.

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Creative Physics® is STEM Software for K-16 and strategically incorporates each STEM component into the learning process. Creative Physics® is three-dimensional and interactive in order to make learning fun and interesting. It’s 3D simulations provide a conceptual platform for learning and problem solving. Creative Physics® is ideal for college physics labs and students, and for high school students, but can be used at any academic level, and is favored among many seasoned engineers. Creative Physics® 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5 has been used by colleges, ivy league universities, and schools world wide. We invite you to try our new and improved 3D product, freshly launched and over two decades in the making, Creative Physics® 5.0.


Co-Owner/Creator:  Dr. Benjamin Stewart, Ph.D., President, Stewart Software, LLC, Theoretical Physicist from Louisiana State University.  Professor Emeritus of Physics, Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU). Creative Physics® is a registered trademark of, and owned by Stewart Software, LLC.  Creative Physics® is protected by domestic laws and international treaties. All rights reserved.

Co-Owner:  Dr. John Stewart,MD – CEO, Stewart Software, LLC

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Legitimate Investment Inquiries are welcomed in writing and may be made to:   Dr Ben Stewart, ben@creativephysics.net, or Dr. John Stewart, john@creativephysics.net

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Stewart Software has a special interest in helping children or students who live in areas of extreme economic poverty attain the use of Creative Physics®, in some cases this may be by a very large discount, or by a complete charitable software donation. Such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and can be made in writing along with detailed justification to:   john@creativephysics.net    Stewart Software reserves the right to approve or deny a request for any reason.

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